You’re Invited To Visit Bill Conforti At His New Showroom On The Same Site Where He Began 25 Years Ago

Here is proof that what goes around comes around.

For nearly three decades, Bill Conforti made 3064 to 3070 N. Clybourn Ave. the home of Siding-1, Windows-1, and Cobblestone Development.

After Siding-1, Windows-1, was sold in 2012, the property was redeveloped in 2015 and is now the new showroom and headquarters of Cobblestone Development.
Conforti’s Cobblestone Development is focused in two areas: exterior home improvement such as windows, siding, porches, and decks. Also, renovations including kitchen, baths, basements, and additions are offered. Bill also offers his Mission Statement: “Cobblestone Development, Inc. is Chicagoland’s premier provider of quality products and services to ensure our customers receive the finest improvements to the interior and exterior of their homes.”

Conforti said “what really makes us unique is our 30 year track record of thousands of satisfied customers and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.” The majority of our business comes from previous customers and referrals.

Along the way, Conforti received many commendations such as: “The Big 50” Award (from Remodeling Magazine that honors the nation’s Top 50 remodeling firms), and the “Top 500” Award (by Qualified Remodelers Magazine which identifies the best contractors across the country). In June, 2000, the Mayor and members of the Chicago City Council congratulated Bill and his former company with the “Honor of Excellence” for their outstanding work and for being a true example of a Chicago Business, recognizing June 16 aa 5796s “Siding-1, Windows-1 Day” in the City of Chicago. Additionally, Bill Conforti has been featured in many industry publications.

In 2011, Conforti was awarded his own street in Chicago. The 3000 block of Clybourn and Oakley is now the “Honorary Bill Conforti Way.”

“Yes,” Conforti smiled, “I always wanted to have my own way.”
Please come and visit Bill at 3066 N. Clybourn Ave. at the “Honorary Bill Conforti Way” or call (773) 661-0606.


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“What ever happened to that Siding-1 building on the corner of Oakley and Clybourn?”


Bill Conforti stood across the street from the demolished 3066 North Clybourn construction site. He was more than a little emotional when he considered that he had spent 28 years developing his Siding-1 Windows-1 Exterior business, and constructing the company’s headquarters on that site. The current property will now be the home of a new condominium building.

The iconic Siding-1 structure and the adjacent building were owned by Bill Conforti and sold to accommodate the new condo development. He opened another office in the next building for his Cobblestone Development construction company.  He said,

“I actually formed Cobblestone Development 21 years ago with the goal to remodel and build quality homes from the ground up.”

Bill’s award-winning Cobblestone Developments was constructed while he owned Siding-1, Windows-1 as a counterpoint to the higher volume siding and windows business. He said,

“Cobblestone gave me the opportunity to become involved in more creative projects, while Siding-1 offered high value to those homeowners who wanted to improve their property’s street appeal and maximize energy savings, especially when considering selling their home.”

Bill Conforti sold the Siding-1, Windows-1 business in 2012 and the new owners have since moved the company out to the suburbs.

We asked Bill, “What are you doing now?”

“When I sold Siding-1, Windows-1 in 2012, I wanted to focus my efforts into Cobblestone Development.  I was a little sad to sell the property that I had renovated.  I am thrilled to be starting this new chapter in my life. When I sold the Siding-1 buildings, two buildings were included in the purchase for the 18 condo unit complex.”

“Cobblestone had won awards for its projects which included construction of new buildings built from the ground-up in addition to home remodeling.  I guess I’ll always have construction in my blood. I just enjoy the challenge of providing my customers the best quality at a great price.”

“Recently, I set up an office at 3058 N. Clybourn, in another building that I own and built 7 years ago.  It’s only two doors away from the old Siding-1, Windows-1 buildings.”

“We noticed that Oakley Avenue at the intersection of Clybourn was renamed ‘the Honorary Bill Conforti Way.’”

He laughed, “Yes, I always wanted to have my own way.”

Please call Bill Conforti at Cobblestone Development, 773-661-0606, for your free home improvement design consultation.


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Remodeling Market Growth


A recent study conducted by the Economic Modeling Specialist Intl (EMSI), a firm that collects labor market data from sources to help us understand the connection between economies, people, and work ­­­— predicts a minimum 4 percent growth in remodeling projects between 2011-2014 (Gregorski).

Since the collapse of the housing market new home ownership and home values have decreased, and even with the slow but steady raising economy people are not buying new homes. Instead, home owners are thinking long-term and choosing to remodel their existing homes to increase their value for the future.

2.5 million jobs were lost between 2007 and 2011, and the slow but raising economy has not yet provided enough for people to invest in buying new homes. It’s more feasible to fund a remodeling project, and that’s why there is an increase in the remodeling market. In addition, the study found the remodeling industry created 45,000 jobs between 2011 and 2013, a 9 percent increase, and a predicted additional 8 percent by the end of 2014 (Gregorski). In other words business is growing and so is the economy.

Read about President/Founder Bill Conforti of Cobblestone Development and his contribution to the remodeling industry in Fra Noi’s June issue.

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Gregorski , Tim. ( 2014). Time to labor on. Professional Remodeler. 7.

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We Moved!

Cobblestone Development has moved up! We’ve relocated to a new location on the 2nd floor of 3064 N. Clybourn Avenue (Honorary Bill Conforti Way) in Chicago. We have more room and a larger staff of experts to help our customers get the highest quality at a great price for their home and commercial renovations. 

Our president, Bill Conforti, founded Cobblestone Development in 1995 based upon the solid values of price, quality, and service. He maintains: “After thousands of remodeling projects, I’m pleased that most of our business comes from our satisfied customer referrals.” We are a BBB Accredited Business with A+ Rating and 203k Certified contractor specializing in award-winning full-scale commercial and residential remodeling. Cobblestone Development is proud to have served Chicago and surrounding suburbs for over 20 years.  

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Out With A New Deck

Out With A New Deck

This year’s long bitter cold winter has kept many of us indoors, feeling cooped up and in high anticipation for warm weather to revel outdoors. As we settle into the Spring/Summer season we are planning activities that will let us enjoy the warm weather to the fullest.

For many of us, our decks will become our preferred space to be and will represent an added living space. A deck is the perfect way to extend your indoor routine outdoors; you can have breakfast, read the morning paper, and take in the sunrise to start your day, and at dawn its ideal for family dinners and entertainment. Decks are lasting longer, and one of the reasons involves the growing selection of decking material available in the market.

Treated lumber (dry) is a less costly choice and does require consistent re-sealing or re-staining and is more likely to respond to our extreme weather and split, warp or crack.  “The Benefits of Pressure Treated Wood,” an article on Home Advisor, assures buyers that treated wood is “infused with chemical preservatives to protect the wood from rot and insects,” but does not protect it from weathering or corrosion, but sealing the wood frequently will.

Cobblestone Development

Cobblestone Development

Cedar is another great product for decks, it’s rich color, dazzling patters and pleasing fragrance is an allure to everyone. BDU Decking College recommends red cedar in particular because of “its natural resistance to outdoor wear, ranging from rain and direct sunlight (specifically UV rays) to insect damage.” In addition cedars natural chemicals “guard against many types of decay, making cedar an ideal building material for many outdoor applications, and in particular for decking.” To preserve its natural beauty staining and sealing might be preferred.

Everyone likes the aesthetics of natural wood but alternatives to wood like composite and other synthetic products are innovating in style, color, and size.

Composite is at the front-line of the trend, and with no surprise. Composite material offers the benefits of a product that is less likely to fade, split, mold, is pest resistant, fire retardant, and it’s wood-plastic composite minimize contraction and expansion. What truly makes it so popular with consumers are the varied array of natural emulating colors and patterns that manufactures have to offer.


MoistureShield Deck

Another favorite of many in the decking market is Tropical Ipe, because of its durability and low-maintenance build. The appeal in Ipe is not only in its strong build but in its aesthetic attractiveness that mimics interior hardwood floor and creates a luxurious feel for outdoor spaces. The Wood Database rates Ipe as one of the most durable lumbers on earth, naturally repelling decay and resisting mold perfect for harsh Chicago weather.

Industries like Trex have over a dozen shades and hues ranging from “premium tropical” to “classic earth tones.” Others like MoistureShield make each board different to mimic natural wood; and a step up from that, TimberTech hand scraped texture on each board.







Of course, no deck will last forever, but regardless of what material you decide knowing how to take care of your deck will let you enjoy it for years to come.  Here are some tips from top manufactures for your current or future deck.



Care and Maintenance (composite lumber)

Recommendations depend on the manufacture you choose

AERT (MoistureShield)



How to Take Care of Your Wood Deck

Deck Treck


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Why the time is now, renovate your kitchen TODAY

Last week the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) was released by the Joint Center indicating a positive growth in this year’s home remodeling market. The question is; why are people renovating now? Research Analyst for the Joint Center, Abbe Will comments that “lean inventory levels of homes on the market seem to be helping the home improvement industry… coupled with an aging housing stock and deferred expenditures during the recession have owners catching up with delayed remodeling projects this year.” In addition we’ve had a winter vortex that has us sitting on remodeling projects we thought would be planned by now. But where does one start when one forgets? Let’s start with the heart of the home, your kitchen.

The Island of your dreams is in your kitchen

The allure of the kitchen island is the promise it holds in its functionality. It sits at the center of the kitchen where the action takes place. A kitchen island has proven to be not only a convenience, but an essential part of kitchen design. It provides a casual dining area for a quick breakfast or replaces the dining room for family dinners. An island compliments the overall layout of your kitchen and works as a central piece to your daily routine.

Knowing what your specific kitchen needs are can save you money when it comes to a full kitchen renovation. Here are some tips on what your new kitchen can do for you, in style and on a budget.

What are your Kitchen needs?

1. Determine how much eating space you want. Are you replacing or cutting square footage in your dining room for an island? Answering this question helps determine the functionally of size. Keep in mind small designed islands can be just as functional larger ones.

2. Determine if your island will include large kitchen appliances such as a stove or dishwasher. This will help you determine if your island needs to be food preparation efficient, as well determine cabinet functionality.

Functionality and Style for less

1. Two level islands work when dividing the eating area from the preparation area, but a single level is less costly and just as functional.

2. Adding a small sink for food preparation is not expensive if it’s on the smaller side. Nickel faucets have a large design variety and are justly priced.

3. Frameless cabinets have a clean sleek look and are less costly than most framed ones. (Bady) Islands reduce overloaded counters by adding cabinetry at the bottom.

4. Consider quartz instead of granite for a clean look with less patterning. (Bady) Stone with a leather finish is better than honed granite the leathered approach leaves the stone’s pores sealed, so stains are less of an issue.

5. Professional Builder contributing editor, Susan Bady says that setting 42-inch cabinets as standard and running them all the way to the ceiling looks expensive but cost less than placing them at different heights.

6. Putting shelves and doors at the end of the island work well to store cooking books, magazines or any additional décor.

7. Install matching panels on appliances to give them a build-in look without purchasing build in appliances. (Bady)

8. Go porcelain or ceramic tiles for your flooring instead of wood. Porcelain tiles can handle more wear and tear.

For pictures of great stylish on budget kitchens take at look at the National Kitchen & Bath associations 2013 design competitions winners and 2014 winners.

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