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What Can You Do To Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home?

An entry door with over 25 different colors, 12 different stain options, and 200 different styles is an exceptional way of improving both the apperance and security of your home.Your entry door can create a dramatic first impression. All styles are available with either a quick fit steel replacement frame, new construction wood, or steel jambs.


Energy Efficiency

Masonite steel doors provide the kind of energy efficiency that contribute to lower home heating and cooling costs. Each door has a solid high density polyurethane core resulting in an R-15.2 insulating value for doors without glass. That’s five times better than wood doors and up to twice the R-value of many competitive steel doors. Masonite doors are the only steel edge doors with a true thermal break. A vinyl extrusion locks the steel skins together, but separates the exterior skin from the interior skin, eliminating the transfer of heat or cold through the steel skins, a welcoming focal point for your home. 



Available as a clear door glass option, Low-E glass is made with an invisible thin metallic coating that blocks heat flow. A proven energy saver, Low-E glass lowers air conditioning costs by reducing solar transmissions in the summer. In winter, it reduces heat loss to the outside and allows solar energy to pass inside.

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