“What ever happened to that Siding-1 building on the corner of Oakley and Clybourn?”


Bill Conforti stood across the street from the demolished 3066 North Clybourn construction site. He was more than a little emotional when he considered that he had spent 28 years developing his Siding-1 Windows-1 Exterior business, and constructing the company’s headquarters on that site. The current property will now be the home of a new condominium building.

The iconic Siding-1 structure and the adjacent building were owned by Bill Conforti and sold to accommodate the new condo development. He opened another office in the next building for his Cobblestone Development construction company.  He said,

“I actually formed Cobblestone Development 21 years ago with the goal to remodel and build quality homes from the ground up.”

Bill’s award-winning Cobblestone Developments was constructed while he owned Siding-1, Windows-1 as a counterpoint to the higher volume siding and windows business. He said,

“Cobblestone gave me the opportunity to become involved in more creative projects, while Siding-1 offered high value to those homeowners who wanted to improve their property’s street appeal and maximize energy savings, especially when considering selling their home.”

Bill Conforti sold the Siding-1, Windows-1 business in 2012 and the new owners have since moved the company out to the suburbs.

We asked Bill, “What are you doing now?”

“When I sold Siding-1, Windows-1 in 2012, I wanted to focus my efforts into Cobblestone Development.  I was a little sad to sell the property that I had renovated.  I am thrilled to be starting this new chapter in my life. When I sold the Siding-1 buildings, two buildings were included in the purchase for the 18 condo unit complex.”

“Cobblestone had won awards for its projects which included construction of new buildings built from the ground-up in addition to home remodeling.  I guess I’ll always have construction in my blood. I just enjoy the challenge of providing my customers the best quality at a great price.”

“Recently, I set up an office at 3058 N. Clybourn, in another building that I own and built 7 years ago.  It’s only two doors away from the old Siding-1, Windows-1 buildings.”

“We noticed that Oakley Avenue at the intersection of Clybourn was renamed ‘the Honorary Bill Conforti Way.’”

He laughed, “Yes, I always wanted to have my own way.”

Please call Bill Conforti at Cobblestone Development, 773-661-0606, for your free home improvement design consultation.


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