How to Prevent and Manage Frozen Water Pipes

burst pipe

Chicago is no stranger to below freezing temperatures during winter months. During these times, it is important for homeowners to understand the significance of routinely checking their water pipes to be running properly. As the water freezes, it creates an enormous amount of pressure within the pipes, eventually leading to completely frozen, or worse, burst pipes. Our experts at Cobblestone Development warn that even the slightest crack in the pipes can lead to a significant amount of water release which, in turn, is a significant amount of money out of your wallet.


  • Turn on your faucets: Allow a few drops of water to drip from your faucets overnight. No more than 4-5 drops per minute should be enough.
  • Open your cabinet doors: Exposing your kitchen and bath pipes to the warmth of your home’s heating will help warm them up.
  • Insulate: Adding an extra layer of insulation around your pipes will help them stay well away from freezing. If your pipes aren’t insulated at all, now is the time.
  • Find and seal any cracks: Search around your pipes for any open holes that may be letting in cold air and caulk them immediately.


  • Turn off your water: Find your master water pump and turn it off as soon as possible to prevent excess water pressure from building up more ice and, eventually, bursting your pipes.
  • Set your thermostat above 60°F: Even when you leave the house, be sure to leave your thermostat at a temperature of at least 60°F as this will help keep your pipes from freezing throughout the day.
  • Call a professional: If all else fails, calling a plumber or other professional who has experience dealing with frozen pipes can be your best bet to safely and accurately solve any pipe problems.

Following these tips will help you better prevent and manage frozen pipes when below-freezing temperatures arrive. No matter how well-insulated your pipes are, it is always good practice to regularly check your water to be running normally before it is too late.

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